Amy Bockmon, Leanne Barron, Tara Phillips, Stacey Nolan

Our Body Positive Story

Body Positive Chattanooga was formed from the vision of four local Chattanooga women. With backgrounds ranging from Education and Women's Studies, to Yoga and Dance instruction, we each had our individual stories of how we struggled with personal body image issues. And we knew that many other people  had experienced the same struggles.

Our first idea was to provide a safe space for people to "gather" together and share their stories and receive support with their struggles. We found the easiest way to create such a space was on-line. We created a closed Facebook group, and began adding our friends and like-minded aquaintances. And soon, we had over 300 local members and a very interactive on-line community. It was then we thought we could make a greater impact in person. Body Positive Chattanooga was born.

We began to offer monthly events with a body positive focus, that were open to ALL bodies. We hope to continue and expand this vision within our community by bringing our programming and services to other organizations, schools, business and other groups.